Hi lovely people! I'm Massiel, welcoming you to my culinary journey :) If you are wondering, Massiel means "She who fell from the stars". I love baking, cooking, food styling, photography and especially the artistic approach of presenting food.

"Falling From Stars"  is my food blog where you can find a range of easy recipes, food styling photography tips, workshops, "behind the scenes" and many more sections. Thank you for stopping by and happy browsing. 

                        Massiel aka MZcuisine

How did I find my passion for food styling photography & pastry in particular?

Three years ago, May 2015, right after starting my post-doctoral research project, I wanted to make a special gift for my husband's aunt for Mother's day. Inspired by many cake designers on IG, I prepared a cupcake flower bouquet. I can't forget the way people were looking and asking if the flowers were real and if it was for sale! This incident brought me so much happiness & made me think... Why not proceed and try again given that my first attempt was that successful!  

As for my professional background, I hold a PhD in Energetics and Process Engineering and I have spent a lot of time doing chemical and physical experiments in the lab during my 8 academic years. So baking and cooking for me are a similar type of "tasty" experiments to share with my family and friends. I'm a wife and a mother of an exceptional 2-year-old baby boy. And right after becoming a mom (a year after) I started looking for a job in my field and during this period, I focused on baking, photography and food styling to release my stress. 

 But why blogging *now*?

I believe that everything happens for a reason and there are signs everywhere, we just need to decode them from time to time. I believe this is the right time to start a new experience in my life, which is blogging and sharing not only my photos with you, but also my thoughts and happy vibes through my blog posts. I'm a person who loves to share and enjoys every discovery. 

I hope you will enjoy exploring my blog as much as I enjoyed taking each photo and doing each setup and I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts about it. 

Meanwhile, be happy and keep shining :)

With love,

She who fell from the stars