#Fallingfromstars creative dishes - Tribute to my IG loveliest friends!

#Fallingfromstars creative dishes - Tribute to my IG loveliest friends!

A week ago, I've launched a contest on Instagram to share a creative savoury or sweet dish around the topic #fallingfromstarsI wanted to introduce my blog this way and celebrate its pre-launching with my followers.


I was so overwhelmed by all the participants entries, by their creativity, their nice and heartfelt thoughts and I've felt that it's not possible to choose only ONE winner. So instead of that, I'm going to share all the participants IG handles, their photos and some of their recipes in this blogpost. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to you guys for taking the time to prepare a creative star shaped dish, it meant the world to me.

Thank you Reem sugarlacebyree, Lina Loveinabojoxo, Elisa Inthekitchenwithelisa, Wafaa preheat your oven, Justin the garden of delights, my dear friend Leyla Chef Leyla Fathallah, Rania, Amina hungry paprikas, Layal aka gemini bakes, Fardos aka fardos_kitchen, Nadia potsnbites, Suchita f00dprints, Birna, Houry & Lama.

Always aim for the stars, even if you fail, you’ll never come back empty handed
— Elie Karam

What I love the most about Instagram is the way I can connect daily with passionate people, people who were complete strangers couple of months ago, and I can call them friends nowadays.

Friends who care about me, my projects, who are there to help and do whatever it takes to meet me during my short vacations in Lebanon. 

I can't forget the endless hours of chatting with Marilyn Marly's goodies, Saria anotherglass of red, Jihane mama_chocolat, Leyla Chef Leyla Fathallah, Naima mn_foodies, Maie the Wizard of Yum, Eva Eva eats, Sabrine The daily saby, Yasmine petites_choses, les Nadia potsnbites & multifunctionmum, Elsa les delices de myrtille, Bea Lubas, Laeilah, Fardos, Julie, Joumana jojsweets, Elie thetastelovers, the food styling photography meetings with Nathalie natmer972 & the food styling photography workshops with Patrick the travel buds

Even though each one of you is living in a different country, I look forward every day to know your news, so thanks to Instagram and our passion to food, photography, baking, styling, creativity and art for connecting us all together.

To all the beautiful souls out there, with whom I chatted even if for once, who take the time to comment on my photos, thank you so much for your kindness. 

Unexpected friendships are the best ones

It's important to mention as well the huge support of Herve cuisine, Maya Toubia and Sandrine, for their shout outs and beautiful messages on Instagram. You made my days brighter with your special comments and you gave me confidence when I had doubts about my work. & I’ll be forever grateful.

Also, the feed feed, Stefani cupcake project, Hautes cuisines and every page that featured my photos. 

And now is the time to show you the participants creative photos and recipes. 


Strawberry tart


Lunch box


Lebanese Man'ouche


Salty donuts


Sticky dates pudding

By Fardos Kitchen


Recipe adapted from Epicurious.


IMG_6090 (1).JPG

Fruits tartlets


Nutella pie

By Hungry Paprikas

Bake a ready rolled puff pastry dough (pricked with a fork) per package instructions. Once ready, let it cool. Then top it with Nutella and fresh fruits. 


Granola bowl

By Gemini Bakes

Combine 1/2 cup homemade granola, 4 tbsp. yogurt (coconut for ex.), any type of fruits and enjoy your breakfast! 





By Potsnbites

Soak 300g of bourghul and strain. Place it with 300g meat, spices and salt in a food processor, add few ice cubes and process until they are a dough. Roll the dough to desired thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut any shape you like. Deep fry and serve with hummus or labneh. 

Mango Lassi-1.jpg

Mango Lassi*

By F00prints

In a blender, mix together 2 cups of peeled mango chunks, 1 cup of yogurt and sugar (if desired) until smooth. Add few ice cubes and blend all together. Serve chilled in a bowl and top with some cut mango pieces.  




 * Indian popular drink









Rhubarb tart

By Birna 

Thank you again lovely people for each time you draw a smile on my face. You're falling stars  on a daily basis.

With love,

She who fell from the stars

Strawberry mango smoothie

Strawberry mango smoothie

The ultimate chocolate brownie!

The ultimate chocolate brownie!