My tips and advices to create your own blog!

My tips and advices to create your own blog!

I can feel a lot of emotions when remembering last year and the steps I went through and my blog too. After several negative answers from job interviews last year, I decided to create my blog. I decided to publish my blog no matter the circumstances in 2 weeks, May 5 at 5 pm my blog will be online.

First blog anniversary Falling from stars with champagne macarons and fruits

And that was the case. I had sleepless nights to publish it online and to have a rich content (around 10 blogposts, but you can publish you blog with 5 or less blogposts) for the launch.

Why am I writing all these details?

To tell you that “when there is a will there is a way”.

If you want to get into the world of blogging, don’t wait for tomorrow, start now.

Create your account on Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress or any other platform, and start choosing your template.

Write as much as you can blogposts, collect all your recipes, choose your best photos and as we say little by little the bird makes its nest. You will see that at the end of the road, you will be so satisfied and proud of yourself!

One who engages fully in life, never stops walking
— Paulo Coelho

Note your recipes in a recipe book or an agenda and keep them accurately. Same for your photos, sort your photos, keep the best, and the least good for the memory. To see them again and realize the progress you have made so far.

Porridge au museli, framboises et miel Hédène

I tell you all these details, because…

You CAN create a very beautiful blog in a short time and with the little content you have.

Just believe in yourself, stop procrastinating, set deadlines and respect them.

I remember all the sleepless nights after my full time job, to create a recipe, prepare it and take a set of pictures at 1am with artificial light.

As difficult as its goal is, there is always a way to overcome obstacles. He checks alternative paths, sharpens his sword, strives to fill his heart with the perseverance necessary to meet the challenge
— Paulo Coelho

I rememberall the beautiful meetings I made this year thanks to my blog like the culinary battle and the two day journey at Mont Saint Michel, to become an ambassador for the Chef in Box, to discover my creation published in a Lebanese magazine, attend the online photography and culinary styling course with Kimberly Espinel aka the little plantation, meeting many inspiring, talented people this year thanks to my blog and my Instagram account.

And I am thankful and grateful for all the love I get from these platforms.

Spring has sprung - tulips

Goals achieved during this first year of blogging

I got my status as a self-entrepreneur at the end of 2018 to offer photography assignments for professionals such as Le Chef en Box and food styling photography workshops for individuals.

You can read all the details related to the 3 food styling photography courses options that I propose here.

A goal is a dream with a deadline
— Napoleon Hill
Chocolate donuts

I can tell you that I can’t wait for this second year of blogging and share with you all my food styling photography tips and my take on many new Lebanese and occidental recipes.

During the few next days, I am going to develop the food styling photography online courses options to be able to attend wherever you are. And I will do my best to be even more attentive to help you achieve your goals also in terms of quality of photos and compositions.

With lots of love,


Lebanese Wara’ Enab / grape vine leaves

Lebanese Wara’ Enab / grape vine leaves

Fluffiest carrot & pecan cake with cream cheese frosting for Easter with a special announcement!

Fluffiest carrot & pecan cake with cream cheese frosting for Easter with a special announcement!